About Us

The Company

We have been delivering innovative software solutions to hotels, resorts, housing associations and other accommodation suppliers for over 20 years.

All our software is developed and maintained by us in the UK. Our systems are always designed to be incredibly flexible to allow any client to have the system they want. However if you can think of something we don’t have, we are sure we can find a way to accommodate your requirements.

Our Solutions help to engage and empower your staff so that they can provide a professional service to your clients and let our software do the rest.


The Team

Our directors come from opposite directions, Andrew has worked in IT all his life and although we can’t say exactly how old he is, he has seen enormous changes, from Mainframe to PC & Tablet and now into The Cloud. Gary’s background was hotels and hotel management before joining up with Andrew to create Hotec, his experience in finance, sales & marketing, front of house and other hotel departments¬†ensures he fully understands our clients requirements.

Andrew & Gary are supported by a dedicated team of professionals, so from your initial sales enquiry, through training and implementation to accounting and support, you can be sure of an entirely customer focused approach.

Contact Us

Telephone 0330 025 2 030
The Gatehouse, Lower South Street, Godalming, Surrey, GU7 1HA