Expert Accommodation

Focus on providing exceptional customer service safe in
the knowledge that Expert Accommodation is providing everything else.

Making a return on investment is what it is about for
accommodation managers. Our Expert Accommodation
Software offers the opportunity to view occupancy and
voids, maintenance requests, completed services, link to
accounts, manage revenue, control short and long term
tenancies and much more.
Expert Accomodation

noimage Ease of Use...

Ease of Use.


Multi Site and/or Multi Building
If your property portfolio is split across several sites or buildings, Expert Accommodation enables you to see and deal with them individually or together.
Cloud Hosted or Local Install
Expert Accommodation can be hosted on our state-of-the-art cloud platform or installed locally on your network or on a single pc.
One Screen does it all
No need to open 100s of screens to manage a booking, all details contained in one easy to read screen.
Versatile Rent Packages
Extremely flexible options for charging rents, daily, weekly, monthly, and more. Accurate billing with no miscalculations let Expert Accommodation do the maths.
Profile Screen
View all of your properties on one colour coded graphical, interactive screen giving you a clear vision of your properties.
Merge Documents
Contracts, confirmations and debt letters, are just a few of the documents that can be produced directly from Expert Accommodation.

noimage Finance...



Advance Charging of Rents and Fees
Automated charging of rents and fees prior to arrival and renewal dates.
Data Export
Defied exports to Sage, Data Dynamics, Sun, QuickBooks, Access accounts plus custom exports of any data.
Debt Management
A full and comprehensive debt management system, with document production and recording of every step in the debt recovery process.
Electronic Banking
Batch payments, bank statement and daily banking, all electronic, all easy to use.
Excel Reports
Reports in Excel format makes it easy to store and share information across different departments even if they are not in the same building.
Pre-Payments and Accruals
Period / Month end closure reports showing rent pre-paid and payments accrued from tenants and to landlords, making month end simple.

noimage Property Control...

Property Control.


Landlord Reporting and Management
If you have multiple landlords, Expert Accommodation can report rents due and received as well as manage contracts and renewals.
Feedback Management
Record complaints, compliments and incidents, report for internal management or 3rd party.
Key Control
Key control by batch, staff member and location – know where your keys are.
Utility Details
Recording utility provider’s across bookings, details and readings, report costs.
Record property checks and building walks with issues found and automatically create maintenance jobs.
Record visitors to secure sites, issue visitor or parking permits and raise charges.

noimage Sales & Marketing...

Sales & Marketing.


Next Available
See when properties will next become available, by type, feature and date filters.

Online and Social Media
Package rates and special offers through your own website, online travel agents and social media. Let the power of the internet work for you.

Performance Reporting
Produce monthly reports to show occupancy, voids, debt levels etc. PI Management in one report.

Contracting and Merging
Powerful data merging with Word and Excel products for easy corresponding and emailing requirements. Create your own document templates.

Forward revenue reporting with budget comparisons. Know your targets and performance in time to do something about it.

Resident History
Maximise repeat business by knowing your residents previous requirements and requests.