Expert Event

Deliver the perfect event every time.


Getting an event right requires precision through all elements of the wedding, conference, dinner, training course or any other event. Expert Event lets you configure every element of an event and then ensure all are managed and delivered to the clients requirements.

noimage Ease of Use...

Ease of Use.


One Screen does it all
From initial enquiry to detailed control, Expert Event’s screen flows the way you work for simple effective control.
Profile Screen and Diary
With multiple views of upcoming events, by gantt style chart or availability diary, it’s easy to see what’s on and where you have space.
Cloud Hosted or Local Install
Expert Event can be hosted on our state-of-the-art cloud platform or installed locally on your network or on a single PC.
Clean Billing
Clients bill shows just the package or conference rate, yet behind the scenes Expert Event breaks out a full audit trail for management and accounting.
Merge Document
Contracts, running lists, welcome letters and follow ups are just a few of the documents that can be produced directly from Expert Event.
Department Reporting
Each department gets there own tailored events list so that whilst the see everything that’s going on they know exactly what they have to deliver.

noimage Finance...



Flexible Charging
Expert Event allow you to manage the charges for almost anything you can possibly need to have added to an event and allows you to do so in a way that is effective for you, but great for the customers final invoice.
Excel Reporting
Production of revenue reports in excel format – Easy to share, change, and store information.
Expert Event’s forecasting allows you to easily see business levels and there change week on week and month to month.
Invoicing and Deposits
By automating to production of invoices and calculating deposit requests, based on you polices, Expert Event takes the strain out of collecting monies.

noimage Sales & Marketing...

Sales & Marketing.


History is at your fingertips
Expert Event stores all your previous suppliers and customers so that you can access and view these at any time, but not only that any repeat customers, you can simply get the details from there as opposed to re-entering all of the details time and time again.
Expert Event holds Customers details so you do not have to do the hard work and input all details each time a re-occurring guest stays.
Mail Shots
Allows you to send mail shots from within the system.
Availability Screen
View your live availability, quote the best rate, analyse business, all from one interactive screen.

noimage Integration...



Point of Sale
Interconnected to leading point of sale systems, centralised reporting and banking across all outlets.
Expert Hotelier
Expert Event connects seamlessly to Expert Hotelier for consolidated accounts and room reservations.
Email Client
Easy to use email client for all guest contact, mail shots, billing etc.