Expert Hotelier

Spend more time looking after your guests,
Expert Hotelier looks after the rest.

Value to your business is being able to access all relevant information easily. Our Expert Hotelier Software offers you the opportunity to understand and control room occupancy and revenue, view restaurant bookings, link to accounts details, manage direct and online bookings and much more.
Expert Hotelier

noimage Ease of Use...

Ease of Use.


Cloud Hosted or Local Install
Expert Hotelier can be hosted on our state-of-the-art cloud platform or installed locally on your network or on a single PC.
One Screen does it all
No need to open 100s of screens to manage a reservation, all details contained in one easy to read screen.
Clean Billing
Adjustments and corrections are hidden from view to give a clean professional looking bill, whilst maintaining a full audit trail for management and accounting.
Easy Groups
Simply create a group, add the required rooms. Choose options for centralised, individual or mixed billing, auto allocation of rooms, import names, automatic charging all from one screen.
Merge Document
Confirmations, welcome letters and follow ups are just a few of the documents that can be produced directly from Expert Hotelier.
Task Management
Create ‘to do’ lists for you and your colleagues to manage all the little things that seem to get forgotten.

noimage Sales & Marketing...

Sales & Marketing.


Online and Social Media
Package rates and special offers through your own website, online travel agents and social media. Let the power of the internet work for you.
Flexible Rates
Automatically synchronise your best available rate to your occupancy, improving your revenue.
Rate Parity
Flexible rates flow straight through to all of your sales channels and online agents.
Availability Screen
View your live availability, quote the best rate, analyse business, all from one interactive screen.
Sources and Contracts
Customise where your bookings are coming from with their own rate plans, billing formats and special notes. Track their performance, know which companies or promotions are working for you.
Guest History
Save preferences for returning guests, create mailshots and promotions. The best business is repeat business.

noimage Finance...



Debtor Control
Complete, integrated sales ledger with payment matching, statements and aged debt reporting.
Excel Reporting
Production of revenue reports in Excel format makes it easy to store and share information across different departments even if they are not in the same building.
Foolproof Banking
Match your banking control to your shift patterns making each shift responsible for their takings to provide greater accuracy and security.
Business Forecasting
Forward revenue reporting with budget comparisons. Know your targets and performance in time to do something about it.
Report by sources and agents, audit your commission statements and eliminate mistakes. Pay the correct amount quickly and easily.
Data Exports
Export data to accounting system like Sage, Microsoft Dynamics, Sun, QuickBooks, Access Accounts plus custom exports of any data to Excel, CSV, Database and PDF formats.

noimage Integration...



Point of Sale
Interconnected to leading point of sale systems, centralised reporting and banking across all outlets.
Table Diary
Control your restaurant’s reservations, even out the demand at peak times, provide reliable integrated dining availability when making room reservations.
Email Client
Easy to use email client for all guest contact, mail shots, billing etc.
Spa Reservations
Manage availability of treatments, spa packages and leisure facilities for your guests and non-residents.
Manage activation of guest phones, Internet access and other communications with automated billing.
In Room Services
Charge correctly and effortlessly for Minibars, TV, Air-Conditioning and other services.