Expert Maintenance

Get the right job done on time.


All you want from a maintenance management solution is the ability to record the right details, get the job done on time and report the costs and performance.
Step forward Expert Maintenance – job done.

noimage Ease of Use...

Ease of Use.

Cloud Hosted or Local Install
Expert Maintenance can be hosted on our state-of-the-art cloud platform or installed locally on your network or on a single PC.
One Screen does it all
No need to open 100s of screens to manage a job, all details contained in one easy to read screen.
Easy Timesheets
Update, add materials and complete jobs from a single timesheet screen.
Merge Document
Job Orders, tenant or guest letter and follow ups are just a few of the documents that can be produced directly from Expert Maintenenace.

noimage Finance & Reporting...

Finance & Reporting.


Job Control
Time and material costing, supplier and client invoicing all included.
Excel Reporting
Production of performance & cost reports in Excel format makes it easy to store and share information.
Job Management
Easily see which jobs are outstanding.
Job Browser and Custom reports 
use the job browser query generator to interrogate your job history and save as a custom report.


noimage Integration...


Room Status updates
Completely integrated into Expert Hotelier & Expert Accommodation for room status and availability.
On Charging
Completely integrated into Expert Hotelier & Expert Accommodation for on charging maintenance costs to tenants & guests.
Email Client
Easy to use email client for all job contact, follow ups, billing etc.